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With each client we’ve worked with, our top priority has always been supporting them to meet their business goals to ensure conversion from brand awareness to actual sales.


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Our SpaceShip in frames.

We strive for creating the only multi-purpose theme you ever need to accompany your business solidly. By Spaceship, we are offering a premium powerful product, great in both design and functions, strong and reliable just as your business.


Match your business goals with objectives that allow marketing solutions to be measured accurately and holistically.

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Measuring the market’s response by possible tracking tools.

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Concrete content that is customized across all platforms.


Minimalist-oriented and artistically interactive design.


Seamless experience across web and mobile devices.

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Meet Your Training and Technical Assistance Providers

The Eastern Region Training and Technical Assistance Center, a resource of the Administration for Native Americans (ANA), serves Tribes and Tribal organizations throughout the eastern half of the continental United States. Combined, our team of staff and consultants have many years of experience working in Native communities and with ANA, enabling us to provide you the highest quality training and assistance.

Candi Carmi

Regional Director

Ann Hull

Admin & Outreach Coordinator

Rachel Whiteside

Technical Assistance Specialist I

Quannee Oosahwe

Technical Assistance Specialist II

James St. Arnold

Training Specialist